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I am available to choreograph at all levels of production and am especially interested in utilizing my skills as a movement maker in the contemporary genre for events and special occasions.

An example would be an in situ piece I designed for the annual general meeting of  a well known company producing0 artificial surfaces for lakes and tunnels in (Polyfeld) using the words associated with the processes involved and the products themselves we produced a piece celebrating the companies products in movement and music utilising the factory itself as a performance space (even giving a highly amusing workshop using the invited guests and staff of the AGM itself!)

A similar project was undertaken to celebrate the inauguration of a second  paper mill at a prestigious and well known paper producing company near Graz, southern Austria.

Finally in Austria a piece was created for and commissioned by Voestalpine•s summer festival an enormous project involving video, dance and orchestra. The steel plant as “theatre space” and dynamics of rolling mills and production were tailor made for contemporary dance ideas and we even had the workers with hard hats and enormous lorries dancing and moving in the specially commissioned video by Elliot Caplan.

In my work as choreographer the synthesis of texts with my own distinct movement style has been the basis of most of my work. Movement created from words or ideas associated loosely from words translated into accessible and dynamically developed  choreography and theatre.

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