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Shiva chamber

This piece was from all the work i did in linz the piece I held as most special and significent...unfortunately a lot of my colleagues there were·nt of the same opinion  and a bit non-plused -it was about the only time we got panned by the critics so it must have been worth something after all! inspired by Fritjov Capra·s book:The Tao of Physics that had a seminal influence on me when i  first read it as a young man we were also using literally the sounds of  atomic level material recorded by new state of the art tecnology to accompany alongside Motzart(my dance of creation favourite) Brian Eno and more; the dialogue between the seen and the unseen, the game of life,appearence and disappearence, that which lies behind and supports the world of apparent form and substance-quite simply the mind boggling complexity and yet simple harmonic beauty of it all when viewed from and accepted by that in us which reflects and involves the timeless divine.The dancers got to occassionaly recite excerpts of enlightenment experience text and everyone got to go home feeling either at peace and inspired or confused and angry. Not a bums on seats production.But with one lasting image to hold in the mind·eye forever: a piece of lit plexi type glass looking like frozen matter itself -the form of a dancer moving vaguely in it -the appearence of another dancer/actor talking and the sudden smashing of that screen by a hammer leaving nothing in its wake.

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