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Guest teacher

About my classes: the class if fundamentally contemporary in approach and content ,however has been built following correct and logical movement exercises influenced both by aspects of classical dance i.e. line, use of plie,standing leg awareness and stretch –alongside use of parallel positions,release,use of breathe and phrasing,use of floor and transitions using floor,and use of 3 dimensions-changing front to avoid 2 dimensional movement/mirror fixation. Finally the essence of my work involves a changing of proprio perception into the arms as a means of opening spaces into which the body is allowed to fall or move-it is carving in space using images of pushing against water to engage the whole body in dance and not merely the legs…movements roll off of the articulations the arms create. Use of spiral connections and the circle follow the natural pathway and my longer more challenging sequences will thus always be organically connected and dynamic.

When working with professional companies I can and do scale the content of the class down to the practical needs of the dancers for their day of work ahead i.e. after a slow floor warm up I can also offer a light and still movement based but useful barre before coming into the centre to do more open and choreographic based exercises involving tendue, battement, pirroutte,ect. I always emphasis the need for dance quality I the class and am not overly pre-occupied with technical correctness at the expense of the ultimate goal : dance itself…The classes centre around a given vocabulary of movement distilled down through my years as a choreographer/dancer/teacher and are body friendly but still unusual enough to challenge..

Taught at


Charlois Dance. Belgium.

SOAP Dance Theater Frankfurt.

Compagnie Prejlocaj, France.

Toleda dance Company, Berlin.

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

Carte Blanche company-Norway

Staatstheater Nürnberg, Germany


Northern School Of Contemporary Dance, Leeds.

Amsterdam School of the Arts, modern dance.

Artez, institute of the arts, Arnhem, Holland

Iwanson Studios, Munich.

Dance institute

International Summertanzwoche Vienna 1995.

Tanzwekstaat Europa,Munich 1996/97.

Workshop Foundation,Budapest.feb.1997.

Platform Studio: Brussels.

Folks University-Stockholm,Sweden

London Studio Center, London.

Henny Jurriens Foundation, Amsterdam.

International  Buhnen Werkstaat,Graz Austria.

Summer workshops University of Bilbao

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