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Finally-good news.

The ear of the moon,has just appeared

On the side of the Sierra Negra, listening

Listening intently to my thoughts,for she•s heard

The rumour

Is it true? Is it true? As my thoughts revolve

On their rolling axis

That stops at you

Today the Pines were somehow pure and true:

So still they were about to shatter

In the heart of silence in the valley of love-

Where I have buried myself since you were whisked away

Some space or time ago

And the pink champagne of a sunset flowed

In impossible abundance tonight, held in the cup of the valley

Glowed and nostalgic for pain forebeared, forgiveness,tenderness


Look on an impulse above to the sky

As the valley is bleached of light and dies

To the moons acid embrace

And the portal of stars return from where they always were

Look on an impulse up and there he flies: my solitary eagle

On a solitary line

Of intention taking him directly home

To some crag piled high in the red rim west

Far over Aitana

Yes moon in your clarity –shout loud and clear

Nature speaks through me-after so much time in her keep

In a limbo land of lost sons my voice repeats

What my heart has always understood

He•s coming home, yes he•s coming home.

                                                                         Jan 7th 2012

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Connecting dance with nature:my wish is to share the space and silence and beauty found here with you,connecting it with dance..beyond mirrors and walls,filling the valley with your movement , creativity,and letting your mind expand in a place beyond judgemental limitation.