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Jacks 13th birthday pom.   9th feb2012

What can I say- another day

But not another dollar,yet-

Lets not forget

Today•s the day my son was born!(hooray,hooray!)

His name is jack (was never Sean)

For 13 years his Pa•s been proud

To shout “I have a son” out loud

And though I•ve had to wait a year 5 months to share a nice cold beer

With him whose reached his splendid teens

And grown beyond my wildest dreams

Into a most resplendent chap and soon

The whole of spain will start to clap

My bestest buddy•s coming back!And soon spagetti on the land

And bags of space i•ve saved

Behind the pines-that start to wave

A welcome for my teenage son

-whose coming back! To have some fun

And  dive into the Gaud-lest pool

(and use his father•s farming tools?!)

And breathe the freshest mountain air

And spend some time without a care

Just open sky where eagles soar

And biskits choclate nose and paws

-she•s told me of HER birthday wishes

You owe her 15 months of kisses! I•ll leave you with that soft brown thought

As well as some great footie sport

In Benidorm-though seigais gone..

Happy Barca b day son!

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