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New Years Day -    jan 01 2012

Sunlight,vibrating in the pines

A myriad pristine chips

Gods currency – cleansing the eye

Filtering down to the heart where it multiplies

Being well, the valley,one monumental lung of joy


The phone call  once made and once received

The trees overhead and a whisper: he•s coming back yes it•s true

He•s coming back and yes we will all be witness to this moment soon

A father re-united with his son

“Bound each to each by natural piety.”

Old friend  craggy Sierra Negra -

With your “rabbit ears” he saw in you-though for  me

Your more scotty dog, how many hours of sadness

Have you absorbed this past 16 months absorbed

And given back in return your stillness

Today the pack of hoodlum choughs are back

Circling high and revving the metal of their cries

Against your great dumb flank above and high where your ragged contours

Tear the blue impossible, fresh winter sky

The valley sits and sits, a mammoth stillness

Despite the churning sea of olives

All frozen in the  special light the distant  lake delivers

To the eye

A light to seperate all from shadow,yet just as intimately involved

With the bringing in of ice backed dark

I am the song of which you sing great valley mine

Set as you are beyond sorrow or joy

The things that come to pass will pass, according to the laws

Of love of all that is that underpins the very spin

Of all the atoms interchangeable

We are

All for us to do is keep da faith and keep da faith

In blind willed nature we invest our souls:



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Connecting dance with nature:my wish is to share the space and silence and beauty found here with you,connecting it with dance..beyond mirrors and walls,filling the valley with your movement , creativity,and letting your mind expand in a place beyond judgemental limitation.