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The good example.  Sunday jan.22 2012.

The river is back after the rains

An incessant roar

Where there had been rock and bone and birdsong and leaf

This morning it is a benign force,rushing •allegria• down

To the turquoise blue and bulging

Reservoir below

Lapping at the feet of pines

Trapping more sky.

But in the night

In the bitumen black pierced by diamonds:

It was the roar of the unforeseeable,sweeping all before

In the landslide of sense

The primal terror,unacceptable

Always there.

And yes as usual I am reminded of Eliot•s words

More and more as I grow into them ,here in the waisteland of my middle years!

Understanding that the •river was within me• long ago

But still not •knowing• it- something call it ego I suppose

Always preventing full immersion – the ultimate possibility

Of disappearence into things

Connection beyond explanation


But the next round of uncertainty

Now lack of work or future funds, enough at least to buy my son

A descent education that is not destroyed –by valencian words

Means my mind is hooked up on the same old merry-go-rounds

Of lack

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Connecting dance with nature:my wish is to share the space and silence and beauty found here with you,connecting it with dance..beyond mirrors and walls,filling the valley with your movement , creativity,and letting your mind expand in a place beyond judgemental limitation.