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Workshops in July (8 to 13) (15th to 20th) (22 to 27th)

August (5th to 10th) (12th to 17th)

September(2 to 7th) 2013.

The green arrow below is the camping/training area

It's a 20 minute walk to Benardia with outdoor pool, a restaurant and teras

Workshops in Spain, Guadelest ValleyAlicante

Robert Poole                 Tel: +34-666-80-52-71                   Mail:

optional menu del dia in local

restaurant 10 euros per day(highly recommended!


Connecting dance with nature:my wish is to share the space and silence and beauty found here with you,connecting it with dance..beyond mirrors and walls,filling the valley with your movement , creativity,and letting your mind expand in a place beyond judgemental limitation.